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08 23 15
Marcello Mastroianni: 8½
Atlanta was alright, idk if it was worth the drive though. The main reason we went was to see the aquarium, but it really wasn't anything special. The new one in Toronto was just as good. And when they say 'biggest aquarium in the world' they mean just the one tank - not the whole building. But that tank was amazing and the highlight of it. 4 huge whale sharks, massive mantarays and a bunch of other stuff in it. My sister swam in it (for a hefty fee lol) and you can watch them do it and the whale sharks were like inches away from them! It looked really cool. The Coca-Cola museum was really sweet, but we didn't have time to see all of it. At the end you go into a tasting room and can try their products from all over the world. I was drinkin' stuff from Japan and China and Peru and Switzerland... They definitely weren't all good but it was so cool.

I haven't listened to much new music except for globe's re-worked best-of kinda thing. Disappointing tbh. But Keiko has health problems so who knows when/if we'll ever get new stuff from them. I still have to grab The Weeknd and Girls' Generation's new albums and I'm also waiting for Lana Del Rey's to leak. The few tracks that have been released are nice, but mostly boring. I'm hoping it'll be like her last album where I wasn't digging any of the previews or leaked tracks, but fell in love with it once it came out. Rammstein have a DVD coming out next month; it's a documentrary about their success/presence in the US and a live DVD. That'll be great.

I was listening to some stuff that I haven't in close to a decade. I ripped a couple Mudvayne albums and Linkin Park's Meteora. Most of the Mudvayne didn't really do it for me anymore, but it was nice to hear some of those songs again. Meteora is still very enjoyable tbh. Pretty solid album. I can't wait to do more! I'll eventually get to Evanescence too. It's such a throw back haha I have a feeling I'll still like a lot of the Evanescence songs, but idk how well Linkin Park's first album will hold up. What will I think of Avenged Sevenfold? Oh man, and can't wait to get all my Deftones CDs ripped. They're one of my fave bands ever, although my last.fm charts don't reflect that...

I'm also gonna start going through discographies and doing a track-by-track review on them. Well, it's more like incoherent thoughts, but it needs to be done. I'm starting with Ayu, then I think I'll do Kuu's and go on from there. I'll probably do Deg, MUCC, maybe Gazette. There's so many releases and tracks I can't even remember or never listened to, so it'll be a good way for me to listen to everything (only albums, tho).

The other day I was watching a ton of Ayu's old CMs. There's some that are so good and make me feel so nostalgic haha. I'm forever pissed we'll never get to hear the version of 'still alone' used in this CM. All those old Tu-Ka CMs using 'Far away' are killer. I love all the Visee and Panasonic ones, too. Hate all the BOSS ones.

I filled out a job application online today and went to submit it and there was an 'error processing my request.' Ugh it took so long to fill out. And it might just do it again if I try tomorrow ;_; And Friday when I left the armouries (they've been giving me extra work) the sgt was on the phone so I asked the mcpl to have her email or call me to let me know if they needed me Monday. Did that happen? Nooooo. So I have no clue. My god they're so unorganized there...

I was just watching that Buzzfeed video about putting on your bra. I don't do it either of those ways. I clasp it before I put it on then put in on like a shirt. Lots of ladies in the comments say they do it that way too. It's the easiest imo lol
08 24 15 (UTC)
Hahah oh man I hate when I fill out stupid long online forms only to have it throw up an error when I submit and then it loses all the info. :|
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